How to pick strawberries in 2022 ?

How to pick strawberries

Would you like to learn how to pick strawberries? If you love gardening and freshly picked fruit, we have prepared an article that can help you and improve your strawberry picking skills. Picking strawberries is very enjoyable and eating strawberries you picked yourself is delicious. As you know, the best strawberries are those you collect from your garden. These strawberries will be the freshest and with the least effort. Nothing beats the smell and flavor of freshly picked strawberries.

Without further, we will tell you some practical tips on how to pick strawberries.

When Are Strawberries Picked?

It is best to collect the berries when they are at their reddest. You know that before the fruits are formed, it has white flowers with a yellow center. Strawberries change color as they ripen. While the berries are small, they are between white and green in color. If the weather is right, strawberries will turn from white to pink and eventually our favorite red color.

Knowing when to harvest your strawberries depends on the variety of strawberries you have. The official strawberry picking season is usually from April to June. Strawberries that start to ripen in May are ready to be picked in June. But some types of strawberries give two harvests, spring and autumn.

How to Tell if Strawberries Are Good or Not?

Before you start picking strawberries, you need to pay attention to when the strawberries are ripe. The easiest way to understand this is to check the colors of the strawberries. If most of the strawberries you have are not red in color, they are not fully ripe. Unripe strawberries will be white and smaller in size. Another method is the flavor of strawberries. Flavor is another good indicator. If your strawberries taste sour and bitter, it’s not time to pick them yet. You should also check for spots, bruises, holes, and bugs.

picking strawberries
Ripen Red strawberries

It is important to harvest only ripe fruits, because unripe fruits are unpleasant to eat and do not ripen once harvested.

Preparations for Strawberry Picking

When it’s time to pick strawberries, you must first check the weather. It is very difficult to harvest in rainy and stormy weather.It is important with whom you will carry out the collection. For example, if your children are going to join you, you will also need some equipment for them.It will be a very productive fruit harvest with a fun and beautiful weather. You will mainly need the following for this harvest.

– Baskets for strawberries

Sturdy and sunlight-proof bags for you to store the picked strawberries.

– Sunglasses and Hats

It is necessary to protect yourself and your children from the sun.

– Bottled water

You will spend effort while working, so you will definitely need to consume water.

– Sunscreen

Since you will be doing this job on a sunny day, you will be exposed to the sun’s rays. To protect yourself from this, a suitable sunscreen will be very useful.

How to Pick Strawberries

You might think picking strawberries is easy. But it is very important that you do not harm the plant and the fruit while doing this work. You must collect strawberries cleanly and carefully. You should be careful that your knees and feet do not damage either the plants or the fruit on the edge.

Whether you are growing your own fruit at home or visiting a strawberry field, picking strawberries is very rewarding and enjoyable. Learning to pick berries is very simple and easy to remember. Only following the guidelines outlined above will ensure a productive strawberry harvest.

How to pick strawberries
Picking strawberries

1- Get a basket or container for your fresh-pickstrawberries.

When picking, remember to put the fruits in the basket slowly. Strawberries are delicate fruits and will rot easily if not handled with care.

2- Check the colors of the strawberries. (Choose the red ones)

3- When you find the fruits you want to buy, hold the fruits tightly in one hand and the stem part of the plants with the other hand.

4- Bend the fruit slightly and pull it out without damaging the plant.

5- Strawberry will come to your hand without any problem and place it in your basket slowly.

How to store Strawberries

It is best to prepare and eat the strawberries the same day after picking, but sometimes you may need to store the meringue for a long time. Your refrigerator will be the right place for this. Arrange in a bowl after sorting damaged fruit. Put a cover on the fruit and place it in your refrigerator. When you use it, take it out of the fridge and consume it. Be careful not to wash it and put it back in the closet. Because the fruits that are taken out lose their moisture and the fruits lose their freshness.

How to prepare Strawberries

When preparing your fruit for any use, place it in a strainer and rinse with cold water.

Strawberry Picking: Final Thoughts

Freshly picked strawberries taste great and healthy. I wish we could taste our fruits all year round. There’s nothing like picking strawberries that you’ve grown with your own hard work in your own garden. If you don’t have a garden and you want to join the strawberry picking fun, then the strawberry fields are the places where you can have fun as well. You can enjoy picking strawberries in these strawberry fields. Maybe you will like this job and you will start growing your own fruit in your own garden.

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