How to grow Blueberries

How to grow blueberries

Blueberries are among the fruits that we often hear in health news today. Due to the high content of antioxidants in the structure of blueberries, these fruits are added to the list of healthy foods. Because they are delicious and highly nutritious, blueberries can be consumed both in desserts and as nuts. Blueberries are also very attractive fruits with beautiful white flowers in spring. They can be planted in the soil in your garden or you can easily grow them in pots to beautify your home. In this article, we will be sharing with you all the curious about Blueberries. Blueberries grow mostly in North America in the world. They are also cultivated in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Germany and Poland. These fruits include species of flowering and fruiting shrubs within the genus Vaccinium. Relatives within the genus Vaccinium include Bilberry, Huckleberry, and Cranberry.

Blueberries have leaves that turn a bright red color in the fall. The flowers appear in small, white clusters in late spring. Thanks to these flowers, edible fruits are formed and ripen. Blueberries grown in forests and fields are more preferred by people. wild fruits are sweeter and smaller. Cultivated blueberries, on the other hand, need to be grown in acidic soils and irrigated with rain water.

Blueberry bushes are planted in early spring and have medium growth rate. Blueberries, which are three years old, give a very small harvest. A minimum of 6 years must pass for an efficient harvest.

When to plant a Blueberry bush

The best time to plant blueberry bushes is when they are 2 to 3 years old. Older plants take time to harvest due to transplant shock. A blueberry bush can be planted any time of the year, except when the ground freezes. There are those who plant in late autumn.

How to select a Planting Site for Blueberries

It is very important to choose a place where the sun’s rays can be blocked and protected from strong winds. Blueberries should never be planted near tall trees and bushes that can compete with nutrients where there is little sunlight. Blueberries need acidic soil with a soil pH between 4 and 5.5, and the soil texture should be light and free-draining. You can put extra substances in your planting hole to keep the soil loose and acidic. Blueberries can also be grown in containers if they get enough sunlight and moisture.

How to grow blueberries

Blueberry Plant Care

There are several important issues that affect the growth of blueberries.


Blueberries love acidic soils. The soil used should have an acidic value between 4 -5.5. They grow best in soils rich in organic matter. In general, sandy soil is chosen and clay soil is avoided.


Sun rays are something that blueberries love very much. Therefore, blueberries should be grown in a place that receives sunlight. Most days they need at least six hours of direct sunlight.


Water is one of the most important needs for plants. Since blueberry is a water-loving plant, it is very important to plant it in soils with high water permeability. The root of the blueberry must remain constantly moist.

You can also use an automatic irrigation system to provide the water the plants need.


Your blueberries do not need fertilizer in their first year. The roots of plants are sensitive to salt. When the blueberry flower buds first open and the berries begin to form, you can start feeding them. Since the nutrients in the soil are consumed by the weeds, you need to remove the weeds regularly.

Harvesting Blueberries

You can start harvesting blueberries from mid-summer. Gently place your index finger and thumb on the darkest blue fruit and pull the fruit towards you. Fully ripe blueberries are easily separated from the plant. If it resists you, the fruit is immature. You have to wait to collect. It will take several years for you to get a lot of harvest from your plant. You should enjoy your first fruits.

Storage Blueberries

How to grow blueberries

Once harvested, do not place fruit that is still hot from the sun in a sealed bag or container. Leave the container open so that no moisture builds up in the container. Do not wash until just before use to prevent blackberries from releasing themselves. Refrigerate fruit immediately after picking.

Frequently asked questions about Blueberries

How long does it take to grow blueberries?

Blueberry bushes are not fast growing plants. It may take six years for them to start producing fruit. They need pruning. After the first years, you should prune your plant to increase its growth rate.

Are blueberries easy to grow?

Growing Blueberries is easy when the environment your plant loves is created. Grows easily even inside containers.

Where to buy Blueberries online

You can buy blueberries online from farms like Sutton, Van Meuwen.

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