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Olde Nourse Farm is an open source for everyone who loves learning about Agriculture and farming in the world. We publish articles that improve sustainable agriculture to build economic and social freedom within communities. The mission of Olde Nourse Farm is to be the leading resource for the commercial agriculture, farming, vegetable, greenhouse industries.

Founded in June 2022, Olde Nourse Farm is a free blog that educates readers and provides new technologies, agronomic research, farm business planning with different perspectives.

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Ekrem Albayrak

Publisher / Owner of Olde Nourse farm Gourmet

The Team


My name is Ekrem and I am the owner of Olde Nourse farm Gourmet. Since childhood I have been interested in agriculture and organic farming. I worked at my father’s garden for a long time. I gained lots of experience about agriculture and farming

I feel like helping everyone learn the best agriculture and farming at everyone’s own home and garden.This is one of the most important parts of what I do in my village.

I have spent much time in gardens. Soil and mud are always interesting to me and help produce many vegetables and fruit. If you are looking for the best stuff, this blog is definitely for you.

I hope you love Olde Nourse Farm Gourmet blog and I help you save some money with.